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Code DMW1502
Large volume blood bank with double cooling units, for blood and blood related products storage, certified as Medical Device, designed for hospitals, blood transfusion centers, nursing homes and blood collection centers
+4°C Temperature range
1355 lt (47.85 cu ft) Capacity
144 x 83 x 204 cm External dimensions (WxDxH)
TOUCH Electronic Controller

Certified blood bank equipped with touchscreen controller, featuring data and alarms recording, with double cooling units

Medical devices series EMOTECA TWIN equipped with two independent cooling units, that will work as a reciprocating system in the event of failure of one of the two, maintaining performance at the highest level. To comply with the most restrictive regulations, Fiocchetti’s Emoteca range offers the most comprehensive safety features for the storage of blood, blood-related products and donated breast milk. Emoteca series therefore features: Touch controller with temperature graph, an independent recording module "DMLP Touch", backup batteries for data recording and alarms messages during power failure events, external contacts for remote control+ Ethernet port, product temperature simulation probe, electric-digital lock for access control and extractable drawers with dividers for blood bags arrangement. Fiocchetti blood banks are Medical Devices complying with Directive 93/42/EEC (class IIa) and its amendment 2007/47/EEC and are registered in the MD Repertoire of the Italian Ministry of Health. They also comply with DIN 13277 and 2011/65/EC (RoHS)

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Inner dimensions: 130 x 67 x 150 cm

Blood bags capacity (450 l): nr. 672

Nominal capacity: 1500 l (59,27 cu ft)

Net capacity :1355 l (48,87 cu ft)

Insulation type: PUF injected at very high density (43 kg/m3), without any CFC and with water-foam based injection.

Insulation thickness: 70 mm back

Structure: Monocoque type, made of plasticized, atoxic white steel interior/exterior, coated with a special antibacterial-type film, or in inner 18/10 Aisi 304 stainless steel. Inner bottom rounded corners.  Nr 4 height adjustable feet included to grant maximum stability

No. 2 cooling units with reciprocating operation and double ECT-F TOUCH controller. The 2 systems are activated alternately at each operating cycle, and, in the event of a failure of one of the two, switch cooling to the performing one, while sending an error message to the operator. Each function is controlled independently (sensor failures, overheating of condenser, low evaporator temperature, etc.), with signalization of the faulty system (A or B).

Interior lightning: Full LED, all lenght of inner chamber, with adjustable brightness

Refrigeration type: Professional ventilated

Defrost type: Automatic, adaptive, with collection of condensate water

Power consumption reduction with function Night & Day



Microprocessor controller with FULL TOUCH SCREEN 7" interface for displaying all the dynamic values of the refrigerator, with 0.1°C resolution and ±0.3°C accuracy.

As standard, it includes temperature and alarm recording and it simultaneously displays multi-trace real-time graph, current temperature and set-point (editable), alarm limits (editable), energy consumption and battery status(optional).

Door with 3 slots for: SD card with data history, USB port for system download and update, SIM card slot (for GSM module , as optional).

Further features: integrated Web Server for LAN (RJ45) and MODBUS TCP/IP network connection, anti-freeze and anti-overheating safety device, and dry contact for remote alarm signal

Additional accessories, which can also be installed separately, are: electronic lock, acoustic and visual alarm for power failure, DMLP TOUCH module for independent recording of temperatures, GSM and Wi-Fi modules, external terminal board, and possibility of add local and cloud monitoring systems .

Acoustic and visual alarms, silenceable, for any anomaly condition, with automatic recording.



Refrigerant gas type: R290
Energy consumption: 3 kWh/24h
Power absorption/current: kW 0,4 / Amp 1,8
Inrush current: Amp 6 
Noise level: 55 dBA
Heat rejection EN 12900:  W 125
Drawers included nr.: 14
Drawers max nr.: 14
Inner dimensions of drawers with dividers (LxPxH) (each compartment): cm 15x50x7,5 (3)


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