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Multi-user monitoring service for TOUCH devices, based on IOT and cloud server
TOUCH Electronic Controller

Refrigerator monitoring and traceability wherever you want, whenever you want. ​

Fiocchetti's Cold Eyes monitoring system supervises the connected refrigerators providing information on the status and working of the device, gives details regarding temperature, status of the door and actual running alarms or failures, while sending at the same time push notification on mobile, via email or through SMS.

From the Web portal, the real time temperature graph can be displayed and exported, whenever the weekly report did not suffice.

In case of failure, service technicians may immediately detect the issue and speed the troubleshooting process of the faulty part.

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Fiocchetti Cold Eyes

Fiocchetti’s Cold Eyes application, offered as an annual, renewable subscription, allows a worldwide, real-time monitoring on appliances from remote, in an easy an accessible way, from the Internet (pc and tablet) or from its dedicated app, available for Android and iOS. It consists of a IOT gateway, with pre-installed SIM card, providing for your Touch series refrigerator connectivity and working status at the distance, including continuous data recording and display of temperatures and alarms.

Recorded data are always accessible and downloadable. Fiocchetti’s Cold Eyes patrols the connected refrigerators and offers:

  • Working and operative status of the refrigerator at glance
  • Details of operative temperature, open/closed condition of the door, failures and/or any other kind of event running
  • Graphs with recorded temperatures; data can be exported in Excel format and printed. A weekly report is automatically sent by email to the user, to service team, dealer, or directly to Fiocchetti; therefore, intervention will be immediately at hand and will eventually prevent the total breakdown of the system.
  • Graphic use pattern of the refrigerator, including the daily door opening list - Energy consumption.

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