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Code VST0503
500 l (250+250) combined refrigerator + freezer, equipped with double cooling unit and compartments, specific for drugs and vaccines, with 2 glass doors
+2/+15°C | -10/-20°C Temperature range
486 lt (17.16 cu ft) Capacity
72 x 76 x 208 cm External dimensions (WxDxH)
ECT-F PLUS Electronic Controller

Combined refrigerator + freezer with two glass doors and double cooling unit, 2 displays with alarms, even in the event of a power failure.

Combined refrigerators + freezers series VISION 2T feature a double compartment and double cooling unit, specific for storing drugs and vaccines at different temperatures. The two glass doors and the adjustable compartments enhance product storage.

Combined refrigerators + freezers VISION 2T have been notably design for being used in pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories: the two glass doors enhance product storage, with an elegant design. VISION 2T comply with international standards and the official pharmacopoeia.

The two doors are made of tempered glass according to safety norm CEI EN 60335-2-89, in antifog crystal, heat-insulating, triple layer for an improved thermal perfomance, low emissivity glass door for the freezer compartment and profiles in anodyzed aluminium. The all lenght ergonomic handle guarantees a safe and correct grip. The gasket is magnetic type sealing on all four sides, the automatic lock features a return spring, door stop at 90°, the opening side is reversible

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Inner dimensions: 60 x 58,8 x 70 / 60 x 58,8 x 74 cm

Nominal capacity: 250+250 lt (8,82+8,82 cu ft) c/p>

Net capacity : 249+230 lt (8,80 + 8,13 cu ft)

Insulation type: Insulation in PUF injected at very high density (43 kg/m3), without any CFC and with water-foam based injection.

Insulation thickness: 75 mm back / 60 mmm sides

Structure: Monocoque type, made of plasticized, atoxic white steel interior/exterior, coated with a special antibacterial-type film. Inner bottom rounded corners.  Nr 4 unidirectional rollers included to grant an easy handling and nr 2 front feet for a maximum stability

Interior lightning: Full LED, all lenght of inner chambers

Refrigeration type: Professional ventilated

Defrost type: Automatic, adaptive, with vaporization of condensate water



Temperature display and setting with:  Display resolution: 0,1°C  accuracy ± 0.3°C with backlit 16-character alphanumeric LCD display customizable in 5 languages, keyboard with 4 membrane keys   able to communicate with the user by providing immediate and precise information on the status of the equipment.

It also has a back-up battery for power failure alarm for up to 48 hours, a minimum/maximum temperature recording and potential free contact for remote alarms. Configurable and customizable display in four different reading modes
Keyboard: 4 simple membrane keys allow you to operate by following the intuitive instructions provided by the display. The user has the possibility to customize the password to protect switching on, switching off and changing the set-point and checking alarms even in the event of a power failure.

Alarms: The controller signals different types of temperature alarms, including high temperature alarm due to power failure, and records 12 events, in addition to the minimum and maximum temperature, which can be reset by the user . The dry contact on the board allows to remotely control the alerts.



Refrigerant gas type: R290
Energy consumption:  5,5 kWh/24h
Power absorption/current: kW 0,17+0,32 / Amp 1+2,3
Inrush current: Amp 3+5  
Noise level: <50 dBA
Heat rejection EN 12900:  W 229
Shelves max nr.: 3+3
Wire shelves dimensions: cm 56x55
Drawers max nr.: 5+3
Inner dimensions of drawers with dividers (LxPxH) (each compartment): cm 15x50x7,5 (3)
Inner dimensios of drawers without dividers (LxPxH): cm 49x50x7,5


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