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Code MED0402 (x2)
Consisting of two completely independent biologic refrigerators, 400 l each, with two opposite glass doors, two touch displays and positive temperature setting in both compartments, with data recording, specific for drugs and vaccines, developed for pharmacies and hospitals
+2/+15°C | +2/+15°C Temperature range
694 lt (24.51 cu ft) Capacity
1200 x 66 x 196 cm External dimensions (WxDxH)
TOUCH Electronic Controller

nr. 02 double positive temperature refrigerators, with two glass doors and double cooling unit, 2 Touch displays with alarms and data recording

The refrigerators for series MEDIKA 2T® feature a double compartment and double cooling unit, specific for storing drugs and vaccines at different temperatures. The two glass doors and the adjustable compartments enhance product storage.

MEDIKA 2T® series have been notably design for being used in pharmacies, since a two positive temperature setting is often required for the storage of medicines at different temperature ranges ® . As such, these refrigerators comply with international standards and the official pharmacopoeia.

Doors are made of tempered glass according to safety norm CEI EN 60335-2-89, in antifog crystal, heat-insulating, triple layer for an improved thermal perfomance, with profiles in anodyzed aluminium. The all lenght ergonomic handle guarantees a safe and correct grip. The gasket is magnetic type sealing on all four sides, the automatic lock features a return spring, door stop at 90°, the opening side is reversible

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Inner dimensions: 50 x 48,5 x 140 cm (x 2)

Nominal capacity:400+400 lt (14,12 + 14,12 cu ft)

Net capacity : 347+347 lt (12,26+12,26 cu ft)

Insulation type: PUF injected at very high density (43 kg/m3), without any CFC and with water-foam based injection.

Insulation thickness: 70 mm back / 50 mmm sides

Structure: Monocoque type, made of plasticized, atoxic white steel interior/exterior, coated with a special antibacterial-type film, or in inner 18/10 Aisi 304 stainless steel. Inner bottom rounded corners.  Nr 4 unidirectional rollers included to grant an easy handling and nr 2 front feet for a maximum stability

Interior lightning: Full LED, all lenght of inner chamber, with adjustable brightness

Refrigeration type: Professional ventilated

: Automatic, adaptive, with vaporization of condensate water

Power consumption reduction with function Night & Day



Microprocessor controller with FULL TOUCH SCREEN 7" interface for displaying all the dynamic values of the refrigerator, with 0.1°C resolution and ±0.3°C accuracy.

As standard, it includes temperature and alarm recording and it simultaneously displays multi-trace real-time graph, current temperature and set-point (editable), alarm limits (editable), energy consumption and battery status(optional).

Door with 3 slots for: SD card with data history, USB port for system download and update, SIM card slot (for GSM module , as optional).

Further features: integrated Web Server for LAN (RJ45) and MODBUS TCP/IP network connection, anti-freeze and anti-overheating safety device, and dry contact for remote alarm signal

Additional accessories, which can also be installed separately, are: electronic lock, acoustic and visual alarm for power failure, DMLP TOUCH module for independent recording of temperatures, GSM and Wi-Fi modules, external terminal board, and possibility of add local and cloud monitoring systems .

Acoustic and visual alarms, silenceable, for any anomaly condition, with automatic recording.



Refrigerant gas type: R290
Energy consumption:  0,7 + 0,7 kWh/24h
Power absorption/current: kW 0,17 + 0,17 / Amp 1 + 1
Inrush current: Amp 3 
Noise level: <45 dBA
Heat rejection EN 12900:  W 30+30
Shelves max nr.: 7+7
Wire shelves dimensions: cm 46x45
Drawers max nr.: 14+14
Inner dimensions of drawers with dividers (LxPxH) (each compartment): cm 11x40x7,5 (3)
Inner dimensios of drawers without dividers (LxPxH): cm 39x40x7,5
Stainless steel wire drawer h=62mm max nr.: 14+14
Inner dimensions of stainless steel wire drawer h=62mm (LxPxH): cm 43,5x40,5



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