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Electro-hydraulic trolley H cm 210

Code CRR011
Hydraulic trolley H cm 32 / 210

12V Electro-hydraulic trolley for moving mortuary trays

The hydraulic trolley with adjustable height from 32 to 210 cm, is suitable for handling, inserting and extracting trays from Fiocchetti’s mortuary refrigerators and mortuary chambers up to 3 levels, comfortable for the operator, thanks to the 12V hydraulic unit for foot-actuated vertical adjustment.

Structure: pre-coated steel, with 5 carrying rollers of corrosion-resistant material and plastic coating. Rollers 4 steerable sold rubber wheels, 2 of them lockable, 1 enabling locking as regards the direction, d=125 mm with special roller bearings. Hydraulic unit for foot-actuated vertical adjustment, with an UP/DOWN foot switch, key-actuated switch and separate electronic rapid charger. Holding device to secure the body tray.

Removable slide handle and anti-collision buffer at the front end.

Carrying capacity: max. 250 kg.

Also available in stainless steel model (inside / outside)

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