Code POR0041
Portable refrigerator + freezer, with a temperature that can be set between +10 and -10 °C, ideal for the transport of small quantities of biological material, drugs or vaccines.
+10 / -10°C Temperature range
41 lt (1.45 cu ft) Capacity
60 x 37 x 40 cm External dimensions (WxDxH)
STANDARD Electronic Controller

41 l portable refrigerator + freezer for use in cars or on alternating current.

Fiocchetti's portables are specially designed for the transport of medicines, vaccines and other products at controlled temperatures. Available in different capacities and for any need, with the possibility of direct current power supply for installation on board ambulances and cars. The high thermal insulation insulation and the thermostat with alarms guarantee reliability of the equipment, with high performance and reduced consumption.

C41 portable refrigerator is equipped with a door with lock, internal basket and thermostat for setting the temperature and displaying alarms. As extra available accessories: dataloggger or a circular chart recorder.
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Internal dimensions: (W x D x H) cm 37X28,5X30 (+ 15X28,5X12,5) /p>

Nominal capacity: 41 lt (1,45 cu ft)

Insulation type: high density foamed-in-place polyurethane CFC-free

Insulation thickness: 40 mm.

STRUCTURE: in indeformable (UVA resistant) plastic material grey colour - rotomolding - (rust-proof material) and 2 retractable handles.

N. 1 hinged Lid and mechanical lock.

Interior lightning:

Refrigeration type: Static

Defrost type: Manual

LCD digital thermometer for temperature regulation (to the degree °C) and internal temperature display.

Acoustic and visual alarm for temperature deviation. Visual and acoustic alarm for high temperature Automatic device that blocks the operation of the refrigerator at a certain amperage of the car battery to avoid its discharge.



Refrigerant gas type: R600a environment friendly and CFC free
Shelf included nr.: 1, dimensions cm 27,5x25x25 (LxPxH)
SCHUKO PLUG + CIGARETTE LIGHTER PLUG Nr. 2 cables supplied standard depending on the desired power supply

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