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Mortuary Cold Chambers - STANDARD

12 bodies on 3 levels
12 doors

Code CAM031212
Modular mortuary chamber to store 12 bodies on 3 levels
+2 / +8°C Temperature range
Storage capacity (bodies) 12
366 x 226 x 265 cm External dimensions (WxDxH)
STANDARD Electronic Controller

Modular mortuary chamber, to be assembled on site, to store 12 bodies on 3 levels, with 12 hatches, vailable either as refrigerator (between +2 and +8°C) or as freezer

Wide range of MORTUARY CHAMBERS offered in different capacities (with modules composed by 2, 3 or 4 bodies, up to 20 bodies), on different levels (2, 3 or 4 floors), equipped with large doors or small hatches. The aggregate cooling unit is available either as refrigerator (between +2 and +8°C) for short-term storage or as freezer, with temperature ranging from -10 to -20°C for long-term storage. For this version, doors are supplied with heating elements.

Structure is either in interior and exterior white plastic-coated steel or, as option, in stainless steel. The chamber is supplied disassembled, into panels, with its structure and monoblock to be installed on site. The structure, in plastic-coated steel internal/external, is composed by 12 internal trays with handles, and a monoblock installed in the upper part of the unit. The controller has a main switch and alarms, for setting the temperature at 0.1°C and general control. Internal lighting and automatic evaporation of condensation water.

It can be equipped with different accessories, such as the alarm system and temperature recording, and body trolleys for transport.

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Storage capacity: 12 bodies

Number of doors: 12, with locking and name tag holder

Internal dimensions excluding monoblock: WxDxH 3660x2260x2260

Insulation type: Insulation in PUF at very high density, without any CFC

Insulation thickness: 80 mm.

Structure in steel white powder-coated outside and inside. N° 12 body trays: to accommodate, store and transport bodies of deceased. A seamless deep-drawn, extremely rugged structure of ground stainless steel without welded corners and edges on the inside ensures perfect cleaning. Two closed skids at the bottom of the body tray serve for noiseless transport on the roller tracks of the lift and transport truck or on the shelf system, and prevent moreover lateral tipping.

Interior lightning

Refrigeration type: ventilated

Defrost type: Automatic, with vaporization of condensate water



Refrigerant gas type: R452A o R290
Voltage: 220/1/50 Hz (380V/3/50Hz for freezer version)
N° of body trays:
Nr. of doors: 1268x 50

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