The state of the art, electronic controller ECT-F TOUCH

Professional and scientific refrigerators designed for use in laboratories, pharmacies, research centers, hospital and clinics require electronic controllers offering maximum level of diagnostic functions.

Fiocchetti’s scientific refrigerators assure the peace of mind to end users by providing a robust and durable cooling unit and an advanced controller, allowing the supervision of all the functions of the equipment. They also offer an interactive, easy-to-navigate interface, for both service teams and customers.

100% safety

100% safety

Total control on the “refrigerator system” and registration of any event connected to the cycle of the cooling unit

• 7” TOUCH SCREEN display: maximum and intuitive ease of use for controlling menus and operations, and quick access to recorded data.

• Integrated Webserver with static IP address.

• Pre-set for optional, plug-in modules such as Wi-fi, GSM, DMLP, etc.

• Electric-digital lock for door opening control (available on request)

• Double power-feeding, double compressor and defrost relays, Dual-Core architecture managed by and independent micro-controller to grant operations even in case of irreversible failure.

• Alarms and failure notifications (temperatures/open door/power failure)

• Safety against high condenser temperature – Anti-freeze protection against low evaporator temperature

• Product protection in case of failure of the temperature-setting sensor

• Anti-freeze and overheat safety functions for stored products.

• Multiuser, selective access to various menus through dedicated passwords

100% diagnostic

Self-diagnostic, functional tests and failure anticipation to provide an enhanced control over the cooling cycle.

• Notice for “clogged condenser”

• Low-in-gas compressor notice

• Unbalanced temperature sensors notice.

• Notice for high temperature of the controller pc board.

• Notice for low mains voltage.

100% diagnostic

100% interactive - All detailed data are accessible through an intuitive, differentiated and password protected navigation, with different access for service and end users.

  • 7’’ Touch screen display easily readable from the distance. The homepage resumes key operational information, while a customizable, real-time graph provides temperature curve.
  • Data recording on SD card and inner memory, sampling every 30 seconds.
  • USB port for software update and data download
  • Ethernet RJ45 port to connect to a LAN net.
  • SIM Card slot for GSM module • Dry contact to remote alarm signal
  • DMLP Touch Digital Monitor for permanent data recording, thanks to an independent PT100 sensor
  • Mod-bus communication protocol to connect to existing BMS
  • Integrated WLS module with unique IP address


100% upgradable and updated controller, always offering historical and present data in real-time The software will accept upgrades via the frontal USB port.

  • Predisposition for optional plug-in modules such as DMLP Touch Digital Monitor, GSM Communicator or Wi-fi – which can be retrofitted at any time.
  • Software Capture: downloadable from the supplied SD Card for a quick access to recorded data, allows to create, save, and print customizable temperature graphs
100% power saving

100% power saving

Focus on energy efficiency of Fiocchetti’ range

  • Environmentally-friend gas, high performance, and low energy consumption
  • Full LED inner light
  • An exclusive function such as Night &Day allow a more rational use of power. Thanks to the automatic switch on and off of led lights, and the programmed set-point increase when the refrigerator is not actively used, we can achieve a remarkable power saving.
  • Adaptive defrost performed thanks to a dedicated sensor positioned on the evaporator coil, triggered only when necessary.
  • High overall efficiency of components.
  • Increased insulation thickness to improve insulation properties.